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Recovering from a severe illness or injury can be an extremely difficult process. This is especially true if you may never fully recuperate your health or physical condition. Even if this is the case, however, you are still worthy of fulfilling a life of happiness and success. Though the path to recovery may seem long and endless now—you are not alone. Let Jeanette Kildevaeld be your guide through the dark and hopeless times to reach a future where anything is possible.

Today Jeannette covered Managing Stress When You Lost Everything with Don Mazzella on “Small Business Digest Show” – grab a copy of “You Are Worthier” to catch up!

Jeanette Kildevæld Your Are Worthier (1)

When you ignore your symptoms, you place a burden on your physique constantly: It is a stressful condition that is an obstacle between you and your recovery. The defiant behavior can give you a short-term feeling of satisfaction, but it will surely prove to be quite unpleasant afterward.